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Guardrail and Fence (Case Study)

 Lysaght Galvanized Steel Berhad (LGS), was listed on the KLSE on 28 June 1994. It was previously known as Lysaght Galvanising Services Sendirian Berhad which was incorporated on 4 April 1979 in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 as a private limited company.  The Company has its origin from Lysaght Corrugated Pipe Sendirian Berhad.  (LCP) which was incorporated in 1972 as a joint venture between John Lysaght (Australia) Ltd., United Engineers Ltd., Singapore and a group of Malaysian entrepreneurs.


LGS began its roots in manufacturing corrugated steel pipes, guardrails and highway furniture. The company later diversified in the design and manufacturing of poles, masts, transmission poles, transmission / telecommunication towers and substation structures. The business development, sales and marketing functions of the LGS Group lies with Lysaght Marketing (LM) which is wholly owned subsidiary of LGS.


LM’s International Marketing Division assists when required in backing up the marketing efforts of the Group.  Furthermore, the Technical Marketing Division is continually promoting the company’s products to potential clients and consultants by conducting seminars at various Engineering Institutions and Societies or on special requests both locally and internationally.

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