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Ipoh Best Changes

Ipoh Best Changes Sdn Bhd (IBC) founded by Mr. Noorul Ameen Bin Abdul Rahman and Mr. Mohamed Farook Bin Shaik Alaudeen as become company shareholder and director which incorporated on 15th November 2006. Upon the approval of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) under Money Changing Act 1998, IBC started doing Money Changing business on 1st Jun 2007.


At the beginning, only both of the directors run the business with one premise and now the business grown up with three (3) branches and more than ten (10) employees as per BNM introduce Money Services Business Act 2011 (MSB) on 1st December 2011.


This new MSB Act 2011 allows money changer to do remittance service and expand the business according to the company capacity and capability. Now IBC have two more directors which is Mr. Savaria Xavier a/l Rayappan David as an Independent Director and Mr. Faris Ali Bin Mohamed Seeni Ibrahim as a director cum company shareholder. IBC wants to expand this money services business from time to time and becoming one of the leading money services providers in Malaysia.

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