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S.A .Lingam and Co was established more than 60 years ago. We take pride in our legal history in Malaysia. The Late Mr SA Lingam was the founder of the firm in 1960. He also held the status of being the oldest and longest practicing lawyer at the Malaysian Bar before his demise at age 89.The firm covers all areas of legal practice. We are so to speak a broad based firm with small town values at heart.


Here at SA Lingam & Co we strive to maintain the high standards practiced with integrity for the last 60 years. As we are considered a boutique practice, all matters are handled at a very personal level. We aim to provided you legal services with the strictest of confidence. Our advocates and solicitors come from a rich tradition of legal practice and we aim to provide best of modern day practice.


The firm itself established in 1960 started from humble beginnings when Mr. SA Lingam moved to Ipoh from Kota Bharu to establish his practice. The current establishment was originally rented from Messrs Maxwell Kenion Cowdy and Jones and later bought from them. Throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s SA Lingam & Co was at the forefront of legal services in Ipoh.

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